Avoid the Alcohol Trap

avoid the alcohol trap


There are millions of people around the world from many different cultures and backgrounds who share a fondness for drinking alcohol.  No matter whether rich or poor, young or old, there is an overwhelming popularity to indulge or over-indulge in drinking alcohol.
Most of these people drink alcohol to relax and enjoy themselves, but the problem comes from the fact that most people drink alcohol on a regular, daily basis.  But at the same time as we know that millions of people love to drink alcohol, we also see millions of people who worry about drinking too much alcohol.

Despite the danger and risk to our health of drinking too much alcohol, many people are unwilling or unable to make the changes necessary to ensure that we can live a long and happy life.

Beware the Alcohol Trap

Why do we resist change to a better lifestyle?  It seems as though we are afraid to quit drinking more than we are afraid to change our lifestyle.  It doesn’t make sense!  We seem to fear that quitting alcohol will be living without fun and happiness, and that making significant lifestyle changes will be too difficult.

This is what has become known as the Alcohol Trap.

If we are to avoid the alcohol trap, then we need to understand why we fall under the spell of alcohol and what we can do to ensure our future health and happiness.


Our Vision: 

“There is no change more important to the health

and wellness outcomes for modern society

than a change in the way we view alcohol.”

What is the Alcohol Trap?

You know the feeling when you have a glass of alcohol and everything is feeling okay, until after several drinks, you suddenly realise that you have had too much alcohol, and then you remember that alcohol makes you feel bad.  You know that you will probably suffer a headache and a hangover, and you just know that by the next day you will regret drinking too much alcohol.

But within a couple of days, another opportunity will arise to share a drink with a friend or there will be another excuse for a celebration for something, and before you know it, you will be drinking too much alcohol again!

This is called the Alcohol Trap

Even though we know that alcohol will make us feel bad, and even though we should remember the pain of the last hangover, we continue to drink too much alcohol, and even though we enjoy alcohol to make us feel better, inevitably alcohol makes us feel bad.

What causes the Alcohol Trap?

The reasons we continue to fall under the spell of the alcohol trap is due to the extensive campaign of marketing, exposure and deep seated beliefs in our society surrounding the use and abuse of alcohol in our society.  Every day we see advertising that suggests that alcohol is fun, and necessary to enjoy life.  Even we know that the opposite is true, we still believe what we see around us every day.  When we see that drinking alcohol every day is socially acceptable by our friends and family, we tend to believe that is okay, even we know the opposite is true.

And this is the problem with drinking too much alcohol, even though we know it is not good for our body or good for our health, we still find it difficult to recognize and avoid the alcohol trap.  Instead we simply follow our social and family beliefs regarding alcohol, and we tend to ignore the warning signs.  Rather than try to avoid the alcohol trap, we simply get drawn closer and closer to the jaws of the trap, and it seems as though we do not even recognize the danger.

How to Avoid the Alcohol Trap

If you would like to avoid the alcohol trap, or at least find out more about why the alcohol trap is such a pervading and dangerous force in our society, then I encourage you to read more of the information I have provided on this website.

If you want to avoid the alcohol trap, I can show you a way to avoid drinking too much alcohol by addressing the symptoms, rather than simply worrying about the problems.  If you are interested in a permanent solution to avoid the alcohol trap, then I can offer you a solution that does not cause you a battle with will power, does not cause you any discomfort, and does not require any medication.
You can avoid the alcohol trap, and you will no longer feel the need to drink alcohol.
Isn’t it a shame that we live in a wonderful time of pleasure and happiness, but we seem to have allowed a simple pleasure to become a dark cloud over our happiness.   Indeed, drinking too much alcohol has become a problem that spoils the simple pleasures of our lives.  Let me show you that you too can be happier if you decide to quit drinking alcohol – you will be surprised to find out the truth.

There is a better way!
Learn how you can Avoid the Alcohol Trap.  You’ll be glad you did.

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